Taste Testing!

Hello all! Did you miss my coffee ramblings? Ya me too. I might have to write more than once a month. Anyways, I was sent  some amazing coffee from Kona Coffee and Tea!  So what do you do when you have three bags of coffee with different roasts? You get a friend and taste test them all of course.

Jeannette is a good friend of mine and a horror blogger and illustrator. She is the force behind getting this blog happening. She has a fantastic blog focusing on horror and all things around that theme. You can check out her blog here. One of my favorite parts of it is her Horror Haiku contest with illustration. She has people submit their horror Haikus and she picks one to illustrate, which is pretty fantastic. 20170222_131420A couple months ago I helped Jeannette with a video post for her blog. (you can see our creative silliness here) We had a lot of fun and people seemed to respond well to our on camera chemistry so we gave it a try for this blog. Besides any reason to drink great coffee and hang out with a good friend sounds like a good reason to me.
We got together to try three different roasts of coffee from Kona Coffee and Tea and give our thoughts on them. I was able to visit the Kona Coffee and Tea farm, mill, and coffee shop a couple months ago to see the entire process of how coffee goes from plant to our coffee cups. To read more about the farm or the coffee shop you can read them on Farm to Cup and Farm to Cup 2. Now, I am not one to be in front of the camera, so bear with me.

As you have figured out by now, I LOVE coffee. I want to learn as much about it as I can so when I eventually open my coffee shop I can educate others on this love of mine. I want to make more videos like this that I can learn more about coffee and so can you.  If you have anything you may want to learn more about as far as coffee goes let me know. I would love to teach what I know about this wonderful caffeinated giver of morning life and gladly research what I don’t know to share that knowledge back with you all!

4 thoughts on “Taste Testing!

  1. Watched your Taste Test…
    Fun and educational with the following exceptions:
    1. Kona is not a town but rather a District. (There is no town on any island in Hawaii that carries the name, “Kona”.)
    2. All roasts have the same amount of caffeine. The only difference is bean to bean…light roast coffee is not roasted as long thereby maintaining more moisture & caffeine per bean. But once ground, ounce per ounce, all coffee has the same amount of caffeine.


    1. Hello, you are correct in a way. The town is called Kailua-Kona in the district of North Kona. Most people from there, my self included, just call it Kona. Second, you learn something new every day, thank you. I still have much to learn about coffee and all its intricacies and am excited to learn more.


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